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Why Do you Need to Switch to Smart Digital Business Cards?

Why Do you Need to Switch to Smart Digital Business Cards?

Name one thing that is used as the No.1 thing for networking! Business cards will be one of the top things that might pop into your mind. People make sure they always carry their business cards to hand out whenever they need. Around 60% of business people believe that these cards help in business progression. However, in the past few years, the nature of business cards has massively changed. Now, we have digital business cards, which are quite effortless to carry and create than paper-printed cards.

Digital Business Cards – The Smart way to ace Networking!

Digital printed cards are becoming the next big thing in global networking. More and more professionals and entrepreneurs are now switching to digital business cards. As a result, the printed business cards are slowly getting out of the game. Business cards have been in use for 600 years now. They were first used back in the 1400s. Now, as the digital revolution kicks in, printed business cards will soon completely vanish.

Digital business cards became more prevalent when businesses went on work-from-home. In difficult times, digital businesses brought share ease in networking. Moreover, people actually got the opportunity to keep up with the tradition of exchanging business cards over the internet.

Now, if you are going to get a business card, opting for digital business cards will be a smart choice. On the other hand, if you are already using business cards, you can switch to digital ones.

Here, you will know how digital business cards are totally worth the shot. You will understand how they add more value to your business and networking.

First, let us quickly find out what digital business cards are.

What is Digital Business Cards?

In essence, digital or smart business cards are an electronic or digital version of your paper-printed business cards. With digital smart cards, you do not need to carry any paper business card. You can simply get rid of all the paper business cards.

Moreover, it is the ultimate way to keep up with the fast-paced business world in the digital realm. To help you keep up with that, some brilliant services provide you with effortless smart business card services. You can get a customized business card for yourself that you can easily share online. They offer ease in accessibility networking and are shareable with just a tap now!

Well, looks like soon all the businesses will switch to digital business cards. However, change begins with an individual decision. That is why; you can make this change for yourself to bring more ease and value to yourself.

Below, we have jotted down solid reasons why you need to switch to digital business cards. Have a look!

Reasons to Switch to Digital Business Cards!

Here is why; you should make this smart decision of going for smart business cards.

· Smart business cards are way more cost-effective than paper cards. Opting for paper cards can take a significant toll on your business’s pocket. The average cost of setting up business cards is around $194. You can save so much money here!

· You can easily update your digital business card. On the other hand, updating a paper card will cost you a lot and lead to card wastage.

· Smart business cards are lighter on the planet. Moreover, networking with digital cards will give you an eco-friendly and responsible outlook. 88% of paper business cards are thrown away. That way, so much paper, resources, and money are wasted. In addition, it leads to pollution.

· You can share your smart business cards with anyone and anywhere with literally just a tap.

· There is no risk of infection and the spread of germs involved. That is why; digital business cards became such a big hit in the post-Covid-19 world. It has become a necessity now because one cannot exchange paper-printed business cards. Exchanging digital business cards has shunned away from the possibility of bacteria and germ exposure.

· Smart business cards can build a more sophisticated and informed image of your business.

These reasons speak volumes on how digital business cards will soon take over.

It has come to the point that innovations have started to appear in the smart business cards world. Below, we have a brilliant one for you. Find out next.

Tappett Cards – The Innovative Way-to-Go!

Tappett is an innovative digital business card that is something straight out of the future. Now, you can exchange your business card by just tapping into someone’s phone. Moreover, it adds a creative touch to the process.

With Tappett, you can attach a smart tag to your phone back. This tag has the potential to share your digital business cards when tapped on another phone. It is compatible with both IOS and Android.

Join the future of networking with Tappett and start sharing your digital business card with a Tap. Get your Tappett today!

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