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Story of how we introduced the smartest business card to the world

Story of how we introduced the smartest business card to the world

In this blog, we would like to share with you the story of how Tappett Smart Business Cards were created. In 2018, our founder noticed that paper business cards, and traditional advertising, networking, and tools are extremely flawed. This came after he found himself either running out of business cards to hand out or being forced to carry a large and chunky stack of cards. On the other hand, we have all experienced a situation where you are very interested in only a few people’s business cards, but so many people have passed on their cards to you. Therefore like most people, when he attended a conference or an event, he would receive dozens of cards and flyers all thrown in a bag. Once you actually want to use these traditional business cards, you have to guess and search through the stack you received to find the contact for the person you want to stay in touch with. If you are lucky to recognize their name or card, you must enter all the information manually. Sometimes, you wish to check their Instagram or social media platforms, but not always that info is available on the card. What if you wished to set up a meeting with them?

Well, our founder faced these challenges, and he was sure others had experienced the same. After all, he had passed on several business cards to people with whom he wanted to build a connection but never heard back from them. They had probably lost the card or had it mixed with loads of cards passed on to them. That is when he started asking the question, is this the best way to connect with people? And that is how Tappett was started.

Apple Unlocking the NFC Power

Initially, when Tappett was being developed, we noticed that Apple phones were limiting the usage of NFC technology on their phones. However, almost all iPhone users can now take advantage of the NFC reader on their phones, which is why Tappett is compatible with almost all new and recent iPhones. On the other hand, Android phones have had NFC technology for over a decade. This makes Tappett compatible with both main OS systems (Android & iPhone).

Soon after, in 2020, our team started developing the software for digital business cards. Our focus was always to offer the most practical solutions to our users, and that is where options such as “Book a Meeting,” “Exchange Contacts” and “Secure Folder” were added to our profiles. These were additions to the existing profiles, which allowed you to share & download your contact information, share your social media accounts, websites, and more.

Soon after, our R&D department started testing the Hardware that had been developed. The durability, quality of finishes, and power of our NFC chipsets were tested to ensure our Smart Business cards offer the best experience possible to their owners.

Almost two years later, Tappett is now the go-to answer for networking between many professionals, entrepreneurs, and sales representatives. After our Smart Cards were well received, we started offering the same features but in a different shape and packaging with our Smart Tags and Smart Phone Holders. This allowed users to simply attach one of the mentioned items on their phone and have their Business card ready to be shared whenever and where ever that they are.

We worked with different age groups to ensure we offered fun and exciting designs for our younger buyers and started offering up to 10 designs between our two new product lines.

Socializing in the New Age


Smart tags and Smart phone holders offer a new opportunity to those who wish to socialize more easily and allow users to choose what information, such as social account, to share whenever they wish to do so. This made Tappett extremely popular between teens and younger adults.

With our Smart Digital Business Cards, the card owner can simply and instantly update the information that is shared on their profile. This means, that if your email changes, or your phone number or address, you won’t need to reprint everything again. This will help even the planet by lowering forest cutdowns. Our customers also experience great cost savings as they won’t need to print new cards when their last batch has run out. With Tappett, you could tap the same card on up to 100,000 times roughly.

Events and Networking

Events are great places for companies to connect with potential clients, network with professionals, and showcase the latest changes in their industry. However, hosting companies often face similar problems to individuals when passing on business cards and flyers. With every event, companies tend to order thousands of dollars worth of printing material which many of them end up in trash cans or lost. Paper business cards are also limited on how much information they can share about the company. On the other hand, companies are switching to Tappett Smart products, such as our Smart Digital Business Cards, Smart bands, Smart stands and Smart tags. By using the power of NFC-enabled products, companies not only save a ton of money and increase their brand awareness but also get to connect with clients through different social platforms and generate leads.

Join the future of networking, branding, and marketing with Tappett. Inquire today to get your own custom Business card.

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