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What is NFC?

What is NFC?

If there are two things every person needs on planet Earth, they’re connectivity and genuine connections. You might be wondering what NFC is, or how it works. Well, don’t worry! You’ll find all your answers in this article. NFC, or Near-Field Communication was invented to allow contactless data transfer between two devices – usually a phone and an NFC tag. For this to work all you need are one transmitting device like a smart business card or credit card, and another device receiving them as soon as they’re tapped against the receiver in this case, a smartphone. Unlike Bluetooth which requires pairing before use (and time wasted waiting), simply tap any smartphone on your Tappett Business Card with NFC Technology today to share all your profile information instantly.

Why are big brands turning to NFC?

The future is now for brands looking to reach customers with a high level of engagement. NFC technology has made it easier than ever before, cost-effectively and durably so too! With this low priced method businesses can build meaningful relationships in an effortless way that leaves their audience wanting more – all while transforming any object into a smart interactive device by simply applying smart tags to it.

With the introduction of iOS 13, Apple announced that all iPhones are now capable and equipped with NFC capabilities. This is significant because in previous versions they weren’t always fully on board for this technology which meant there were limitations when using features like Apple Pay or other apps requiring NFC. While Android phones having this technology for a while now.

Here are 5 common areas NFC technology is used around the world:

1. NFC GYM EQUIPMENT NFC-enabled cards such as Tappett Smart Business cards and Smart Tags have been popping up all over the place. Gyms are no exception, with more than half of them opting for this technology to help their users use the equipment correctly! Tappett smart tags take things one step further by providing detailed instructions on how each machine should be used along with YouTube videos showing specific workouts that can benefit from these features.

2. NFC Phone Holders (Popsmarts)

NFC is a versatile technology and Tappett has embedded it into various products to provide users with easy access and sharing capabilities. Tappett offers NFC enabled stickers, tags, popsmarts (a type of phone holder), as well as other unique smart business cards for your convenience! These quick-sharing options make it effortless – no matter where you are or what device you are using to instantly share your contact info, social media, and much more.


NFC is a great way to increase sales and conversions by sending potential customers directly from your product label straight into the purchase funnel. Recently Adidas ran an ad campaign where they attached NFC enabled tags onto their trainers, which took people who tapped them in-store right away onto another page that explained all about what makes their particular pair so special–including tips on knowing whether or not you’ve made a good decision when buying sneakers! Tappett smart tags can help you achieve the same results when placed in your store, office, or etc.


In today’s world of digital marketing, brands are looking for new ways to engage customers and build meaningful relationships. NFC technology is one such means that has the potential not only to transform how businesses market themselves but also to give them an easy way to add value through pricing information or consumption engagement opportunities with their target audiences right on the go! Contact us to learn more about Tappett Smart Business Cards and start building meaningful relationships with your clients today.


NFC is more than just a technology for payments; it’s an interface that ties together all aspects of your life. With NFC technology, customers can order and pay directly from their tables without any need for cash or cards. All that’s needed is an enabled smart card on each table.

The recent campaign from KFC saw them utilize this capability by placing posters containing embedded Near-Field Communication (NFC) capabilities near their competition — when tapped against these interactive tags with smartphones, they would showcase their deals and try to get clients to come to KFC instead of the competition.

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