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6 Reasons To Use A Digital Business Card At Your Next Conference

6 Reasons To Use A Digital Business Card At Your Next Conference

Digital business cards are the perfect way to get in touch with your clients, customers, and potential hires.

The digital business card is an essential tool to give your clients and customers a better impression of your company by transmitting information about yourself. It’s also a great way to stay in touch with people, build good relations between you and them, and boost your brand.

Let’s take a look at six reasons why digital business cards are so helpful for your next conference:

  • It’s More Effective

In a world of digital marketing, it’s no longer enough to have an eye-catching website. Instead, you need to reach out to your customers and engage with them in order to increase your sales. A digital business card is a perfect way to do this, as it allows you to keep in touch with your audience wherever they are. For example, suppose you are attending a conference. In that case, you can engage with your audience using your digital business card, and they can seamlessly get in touch with you anytime after scanning a QR code or tapping their phone on it. By using the “Exchange contact” functionality and “Book a Meeting” option on your profile, you are miles ahead of the competition when it comes to lead generation. This will ultimately increase your ROI compared with those who use paper business cards.

  • It Makes Your Brand Stand Out

When you’re attending conferences or events, it can sometimes be difficult to spot other people in the crowd because they’re wearing similar clothes or logos. This is in fact the same feeling everyone has when attending a conference. However, this will be fine if you use a digital business card! Using a digital business card, you can attach your picture and implement your theme so they can instantly recognize you.

This will ensure that anyone who has your digital business card, can easily recognize you when you walk into the room (and remember who it was that had connected with them).

  • It’s Easy To Share

Digital business cards are a great way to share information with people you meet. They’re also easy to share using a smart business card, smart tag, or smart phone holder using the NFC chip inserted in them or by having the client scan the QR code on your profile at conferences and meetings. You can share them with everyone you meet in the room, which is especially helpful if there are many people in the same room since you would never run out of cards to hand out. even if you don’t have your smart business card with you, you can simply share your digital business card using the QR code on your profile. You can also send them in an email right after meeting someone new or passing out some information about your company.

  • It’s Easy To Update

When you’re using a digital business card, it’s easy to update the information on it anytime you want without having to get a new one printed out by someone else. So, for example, if you’re sharing information about your company or product line with attendees at conferences and suddenly notice a part of the information is wrong, or a product gets sold out, you won’t need to reprint everything again. You can simply log in to your profile and upload the new correct information, which will instantly reflect on your digital business card.

  • Environment-friendly

It’s more environmentally friendly since it eliminates the need for extra paper and ink produced by traditional business cards that must be printed out and distributed manually. There’s no need to print out thousands of cards when you share your digital business card that’s just as good! Every year, billions of business cards are printed, which results in over seven million trees being cut down. Even if people aren’t interested in your products or services right away, they can still access your information long in the future, which would not be an option with paper business cards as research shows 90% of paper business cards are thrown away immediately.

  • Save Time And Effort.

Creating a digital business card doesn’t take much time — only a few minutes if you already have everything ready! Depending on what you want to share on your digital business card, all you need is your picture, your company logo, your website, your email, and your social media usernames. Remember you can choose to share only your name and phone number, or as much as you want, including your PayPal account, favourite links and etc. Once you order your Smart business card, you will receive an introduction on how to set up yours in a very short amount of time.

To Wrap up,

Digital business cards are a great way to show off your company and services without having to write a lot of text. Your potential customers can see everything about your brand at once, so there’s no need for them to read through hundreds of words on paper or an eBook PDF file or to search for your social media accounts to get a general idea of who you are!

So, if you are organizing your next conference, get your digital business card ready.

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