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Why is Everyone Switching to Smart Business Cards?

Why is Everyone Switching to Smart Business Cards?

In today’s era, most people remain glued to their smartphones. Many people spend countless hours on various apps such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and etc. With the advancements in technology, professionals are now using their cellphones for various work needs, such as email, managing their meetings, note-taking, and much more. This can only mean one thing for you when it comes to connecting and networking with others! You have got to be fast, comprehensive, and easily accessible to them on their smartphone. Introducing, Tappett! The solution you have been waiting for forever!

Tappett offers a number of Smart Business Cards that help you get connected with others by exchanging contact info, and social media accounts instantly. Smart business cards are specialized cards made from PVC, metal, or wood and have our unique chipset inside which allows you to simply tap it on any compatible phone to share your information, without the need for any app!

We have seen on a number of occasions that a potential client would ask you about your services, products, or company as a whole, as well as your social media page. Sharing all this information would be near impossible with a traditional business card. And if you decide to do this yourself, sharing details of multiple social profiles might turn out to be a time-consuming affair. This can be a real challenge as in 2022, most top professionals and businesses have active accounts on every popular platform. Having a smart business card like Tappett will allow you to share all your profiles just with a single tap.

Read on to know more about smart business cards and their features.

They Keep Information Stored on a Single Platform

Regular printed cards get misplaced or lost pretty easily. Often, people fail to find these cards when they need them the most. If that happens, you may lose several potential clients. You’ll never face such issues if you share a digital business card with all your contacts.

Recently obtained numbers suggest that almost 88% of all printed cards get thrown out within a week of distribution. So, if a total of 50 to 60 billion business cards are printed, around 45 to 50 billion get thrown out. This shows that people don’t value these cards until they require the related services.

By replacing the physical cards with digital ones, you’ll ensure that your target customers can access your contacts when they need them. The reduced use of paper will also contribute to the good of our environment.

Getting access to digital cards is extremely easy. They can be viewed on any smartphone whenever you want.

Updating Info on the Smart Business Cards Is Super Easy

If you want to update the design of a printed card or information it carries, you’ll have to first redesign the card and then reprint it. The process is lengthy and might cause a financial burden on small businesses. You’ll never face such issues when using a digital business card. Digital cards can be updated instantly and without any professional assistance. You’ll only need to log into your account to make the necessary changes.

You Can Custom Design Your Digital Business Card

If you are looking to get your very own smart business card from Tappett, you’ll be allowed to customize its design by having your own name, company name, or logo printed on it. You can ask for further customizations when ordering for a group of individuals.

Final Words

When you buy a smart business card, you are able to simply tap it on almost any phone to instantly get connected with them. In the case of older phones, you can use the QR code on the back of your smart business card and have it scanned to share your profile with all its features. Once again, the good news is that people you interact and connect with through Tappett, do not need to install any apps to receive or exchange information. Just Tapp-ett and get connected forever!

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