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Tradition Vs. Hybrid Vs. Digital Business Cards

Tradition Vs. Hybrid Vs. Digital Business Cards

There is no doubt that business cards are a crucial networking or marketing tool for every business. These cards assist in creating a solid brand besides offering contact details. Understanding its importance, modern businesses have transformed traditional business cards into digital business cards. However, with most businesses going for a contactless business card, is there still a place for a traditional business card? We have also started offering a new Hybrid Business card that mixes old habits with new technology. To understand which type of business card will be right for you, we have listed down some pros and cons of three types of business cards. Have a look.

Traditional Business Cards

Understand the Pros

Attract Attention Faster

A paper-made business card can easily make a solid impression the moment your customers touch it. A quality and thick paper with a well-designed business card size talk about the quality of your company’s products.

  • Creates A Personal Connection

With traditional paper-based business cards, you can create a robust relationship and personal connection with people. These are generally shared in happy and warm moments, increasing the value of these cards.

  • Affordable

Every small business can afford paper-based business cards. The printing cost will be somewhat low. All you need to do is find the right business card service provider to get it done.

  • Different textures

Traditional paper-based business cards can be easily printed in different colors, shapes, and sizes, along with unique finishing options, such as foiling, Spot UV, and more.

Cons of Traditional Business Cards

  • Frequent Redesigning

You will have to redesign and reprint your business card whenever you change your contact details, like email address, phone number, business address, etc.

  • Needs An Expert’s Help

You will have to hire an expert to create an impressive design for your business card.

  • Cutting Down Forests

To create paper business cards, we need to continue cutting down trees. This will lead to other major issues that would harm the planet.

  • Ending up in Trash

A large portion of business cards handed out, end up lost or in the garbage. This is a waste of material. On the other hand, this means your customers would not end up finding you and contacting you, and you will lose the opportunity.

Smart Digital Business Cards

Explore the Pros

  • Simple to Create

Once you order your Smart business card, your card will be shipped to you shortly after. Once you receive your card, you can easily follow the instruction in the package to create your online digital profile.

  • Easy to Share

You can easily tap your smart business card to share your profile with everyone instantly. You can alternatively have them scan the QR code on your card to access your contact info, social media and much more. You can also share your Digital business cards with a lot of people at the same time. You can share them through WhatsApp, Facebook and your website and more.

  • Interactive

Adding interactive links and attaching media to your contactless business cards is an excellent way to enjoy a competitive edge. You can add free resources, videos, etc. Also, you help build your brand by sharing your social media accounts, favourite website, and much more.

  • Cost-Effective

With this, you can completely avoid your printing expenses. All you need is one Smart business card which will allow you to share your profile with unlimited people. And editing them is super easy if you have to make any changes. You would simply log in to your dashboard and edit your information. Now next time when you tap your card, the updated information will show up on the person’s phone.


  • Need to have access to the internet

Once you tap your Smart business card on someone’s phone, that phone would need to have a data connection so that it can open your digital business card on the phone. If the phone has no data connection, the profile will not load. However, they could access your profile and load the digital business card at a later time, as the link will stay on their phone.

Hybrid Business Cards

Explore the Pros

  • Interactive

Hybrid business cards are designed to be interactive. They will allow your client to access your full profile by simply scanning your QR code.

  • Affordable

Hybrid business cards are very similar to traditional business cards in terms of price.

  • Handouts

Hybrid business cards would still allow you to hand out cards yet get Smart Business Cards‘ functionality.


  • High Printing Costs Over Time

Although these cards are cheap to order, however, you would still need to order new cards every time you run out of them. This means they could have high costs of printing over time.

  • Environmental effects

Similar to paper business cards, Hybrid business cards would negatively affect our ecosystem, as they would lead to more trees being cut.

Which is the best option for you?

There are some effective ways to take advantage of both physical and digital business cards. We believe depending on what you do, and what your needs are, you can take advantage of all types of business cards. However, with Smart, Hybrid, and Digital Business Cards, you have much more opportunity to make an impression on others that would lead to sales.

Final Words

A digital business card or contactless business card is a step forward for today’s modern business. Such business cards play a great role in creating brand awareness and attracting more customers. Our Smart and Hybrid business card solutions offer a variety of solutions to everyone, no matter which industry they belong to.

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