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Tips to Make an Amazing First Impression at Your Next Business Meet

Tips to Make an Amazing First Impression at Your Next Business Meet

The business card is one of the first things you usually pull out at a business meeting. It helps you seal the opportunity and get a potential lead for your business. But what if you get to know that around 88% of paper business cards get thrown away?

Well, you read it right! But, according to a report, it is stated that 72% of people will judge a company based on the appeal and quality of its business cards. So, you should emphasize crafting a perfect business card to achieve that first impression you crave.

And, with the era of paper business cards fading away, it is important for you to count on an alternative. It is because the trend of business cards is evergreen, but the way of handing out your business details has now changed, with NFC smart business cards in play.

Here are some of the tips for you to get an amazing first impression among your business clients with the use of a smart or NFC business card.

1. Ensure You have Organised the Information Properly

Unlike paper business cards, you get a good amount of space to infuse all of your important information in an NFC business card. But that doesn’t mean you will clutter the space with information that isn’t going to be helpful for converting the leads into clients.

Keep the space free, and use it for portraying limited information with utmost attractiveness. Use your brand logo and consistent colours and them. In this way, you will be able to showcase your professionalism and trendiness.

2. Add Video to the NFC Business Cards

You can use video and other unique creative features to make your card stand out. With such features, your NFC business card will be even more shareable, and your potential client will be spending more time scrolling through the details that you shared through it.

3. Add Voiceover clip Introduction

If you want to mark an even greater impact on your potential clients in the business meeting, then you can add a brief voice clip introduction to it. The voiceover can be about explaining the business and telling about yourself. This can be done by sharing a link of your Spotify account, or SoundCloud whichever you use. You can simply upload your clip to one of these services and allow others to listen to it by sharing it on your digital profile. There’s no better way to explain your business to a potential lead than expressing it verbally. So, make it count.

4. Make it Compatible with all Devices

You need to make sure your business card is visible clearly on mobile devices of different sizes. You don’t want the business delegates to scroll or zoom all over their device to see your improperly optimized NFC business card. It will create a bad impression, and you might lose the lead as well.

You want to make sure to Tap your smart business card on the phones of those who are NFC enabled and share your digital business card with the rest (those who have an older phone) by allowing them to scan the QR code on your profile or on the back of your Smart Business Card.

5. Take Advantage of ‘Add Contact’ Features

When you tap your NFC business card, program it to pop-open the ‘Add Contacts’ page with your number with one single click. It will develop an urge for people to save your number as a response. In this way, you will be one step closer to converting the lead and bringing in business for yourself. Similarly, you can also program the NFC business card to showcase a brand website, service page, app download URLs, and others by including them in your Favorites Tab.

You are giving smarter accessibility to the business delegates for accessing and knowing about your business. It will definitely help you create a long-lasting first impression.

6. Use a Unique Cover Photo and Theme

Finally, you need to make your NFC card memorable, and you need a good cover photo and theme, a unique design, and a special element. As this trend is being adapted on a large scale, your NFC business card should stand out among the others in a business meeting.


So, you are now aware of some tips that are quite helpful to get you the best NFC business card and attain a memorable first impression among the business delegates in your next meeting. If you are presenting a deal proposal, you can just tap and share your business details through the NFC card (or by scanning the QR code) and make an influencing pitch for them to get in touch with you.

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