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Are Smart Business Cards Effective In Recruitment?

Are Smart Business Cards Effective In Recruitment?

Business cards have been serving as the bridge between businesses and their clients for many years. The primary objective of a business card is the ability to share contact information. Over the years, business cards have evolved from traditional paper-based cards to digital business cards.



Also referred to as smart business card, digital business cards have introduced the powerful functionalities of Near Field Communication or NFC chips and QR codes. How can smart digital business cards influence the effectiveness of recruitment in an organization?



The following post helps you find the answer with an explanation of the possible ways to use digital business cards in recruitment.



What Are Digital Business Cards or Smart Card?



Smart digital business cards or digital business cards are an effective step towards the transformation of conventional business cards. They offer a safe and secure instrument for sharing contact information with potential recruiters. Digital business cards take the details of a person, such as their name, phone number, social media accounts, email, website and so much more, and store them all under the same profile which can instantly be shared through a Tap or via QR code.



Individuals could even include their resume files on their digital business cards. Recruiters could access the candidate’s resume and contact details within a few taps on their smartphone by scanning the QR code by tapping their smart business card. On top of it, digital business cards also offer the advantage of cost-efficiency. Smart contact also showcases the professionalism of a candidate for any job role.



What are the Biggest Problems for Recruiters?



Recruitment processes present various challenges, particularly in the case of resume screening. It is an important aspect of the recruitment process and helps in verifying whether the candidates are suitable for the job. The resume screening process accounts for different factors such as skills, certifications, education, work experience, and background.



While the resume screening process can be different in every organization, it requires a lot of time. Now, the prolonged screening time has emerged as a formidable setback for recruitment. As a matter of fact, recruiters lost around 89% of suitable candidates due to their prolonged screening process.



The biggest challenge for recruiters in hiring the right candidates on time emerges from the massive load of resumes. Imagine having to go through thousands of resumes of potential candidates for filling up five to ten vacant posts.



At the same time, the efforts involved in the manual inspection of resumes could also lead to possibilities of error. For example, recruiters can overlook important details in the resume of a candidate which could have helped the organization. On top of it, manual resume screening also presents concerns of unconscious bias.



The humongous task of screening resumes affects one of the most significant metrics of the recruitment process, the time-to-hire. The time-to-hire has a direct impact on the recruitment ROI. Successful organizations aim at reducing the time-to-hire alongside ensuring good quality of hire.



How Will Smart Digital Business Cards Solve the Recruitment Challenges?



The design of smart business cards is a promising factor for resolving the challenges of hiring time in recruitment. Digital business cards of candidates can help recruiters find the essential information about candidates in a few simple steps. In addition, the flexibility of sharing smart cards also supports easier distribution of the candidate’s resume among the recruitment team.



Some of the other advantages of digital business cards include cost-efficiency and limited waste. Customized digital business cards for a candidate’s profile show that the candidate stays updated with the latest tech trends.



The next crucial highlight of digital business cards in recruitment refers to the ease of sharing social media feeds and interactive content. For example, recruiters can view a candidate’s showreel featuring their achievements through a link they can access on the smart business card. On top of it, digital business cards offer the flexibility of real-time editing.



Digital Business Cards are Sustainable Solutions for Recruitment



Have you ever wondered about the fate of the business cards you distributed at a conference? Some prospective clients may have called you back. However, a majority of them might have ended up in the dustbin within one week. The switch from paper to smart cards can serve the promising value benefit of environmental sustainability.



Organizations can look up to smart cards as a credible solution for saving the environment while addressing their recruitment objectives. If your business has the opportunity to make an impact on the safety of our environment with the use of digital business cards in recruitment, then you should give it a chance.



Are You Ready for Smart Business Cards?



Businesses can explore value-based advantages by allowing digital business cards for candidates in the recruitment process. Recruiters don’t have to go through massive piles of paperwork to screen potential candidates from all applicants. Tappett is one of the most innovative platforms for customized digital business cards.



The unique technology used by Tappett in its smart business card helps in sharing information instantly by tapping the card on any compatible phone. Even if someone has an older phone, don’t worry about potential compatibility issues as the QR code on the smart business card or on your profile is always there to help. Learn more about the digital business cards by Tappett right now.


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