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Best Smart Business Cards in 2024 every entrepreneur should have

Best Smart Business Cards in 2024 every entrepreneur should have

Across the globe, business sectors are making a digital shift. In this era of innovation and advanced technologies, even business cards are undergoing a smarter transformation. The emergence of digital business cards gained attention in the early 1990s. 

As we entered the 2000s, business cards underwent evolution, presenting fresh networking opportunities.

As the business landscape evolves, the need for smart business cards among professionals has seen a significant upsurge. Presently, a diverse range of intelligent cards, seamlessly compatible with smartphones, has emerged. 

Below, we present a compilation of the newest smart business cards for the coming year 2024.

  1. Tappett’s Standard Digital Business Cards 

Tappett unveils its cutting-edge Smart Business Cards, featuring state-of-the-art technological integration. The standard smart card boasts an NFC-enabled Smart tag, allowing professionals to effortlessly share contact details with clients and customers. 

What sets it apart is the ability to personalize with social media profiles, calendar availability, business websites, music platforms, and more. Offering affordability, it stands out as one of the budget-friendly choices within the brand's lineup, starting at just $29.97.

Best Features:

  • Cutting-edge Networking Functionality

    : Tappett's default intelligent business card incorporates an innovative NFC strategy, amplifying your networking possibilities and ensuring seamless connections with every contact.

  • Complimentary Monthly Subscription

    : Experience boundless free sharing capabilities with this digital business card. Opt for the Pro version subscription to access premium features and take your networking game to the next level.

  • Top-tier Privacy and Security

    : Your card will never demand your passwords for social account linking. Users retain full control, selecting specific profiles and information to share. Furthermore, profile editing and updates can be executed at any time.

  1. Tapett’s Smart Phone Holder 

The Smart Phone Holder is one of our latest groundbreaking innovations. Not only does it securely hold your phone in place, but it also seamlessly transforms into a smart business card. This dual-functionality not only enhances the utility of a traditional phone holder but also provides a modern twist, ensuring that you're always ready to share your professional details at a moment's notice. With the Smart Phone Holder, you're equipped with cutting-edge technology that blends convenience with professionalism. Packed with exceptionally clever features designed to elevate your networking experience, a simple tap on the back instantly shares your contact information. Tailor the design to your preference from a range of options. This cutting-edge card is priced at $39.97.

Best Features

  • Two-in-one: We have reinvented how you interact with your phone and your Phone holder by including the next generation of NFC technology. Therefore, your Smart holder is not only your phone holder grip, but also your Smart Business Card, available and with you at all times. 
  • Simple Activation: Activating your product is a breeze. Users will receive easy-to-follow instructions to set up their digital business cards.

  • Effortless Information Sharing: This intelligent Smart Holder allows you to effortlessly share multiple pieces of information simultaneously, such as social media accounts and websites.
  • App-Free Operation: No need for any special applications or devices to activate or share information with the card.
  • Smartphone Compatibility: Tappett’s Smart Business Card is compatible with both, ie. iPhonXR and Android smartphones.

  1. Custom Smart Digital Business Cards by Tappett 

Tailored for discerning professionals who demand top-notch customization in their business cards, our custom smart business card comes in two distinctive designs: hologram and white. 

Effortlessly personalize it online with exclusive customization options and variations, including the option to align it seamlessly with your branding. This premium card is priced at $84.97, offering a sleek and sophisticated representation of your professional identity.

Best Features: 

  • Fully Custom Design: You are now able to upload any design you wish to have printed on your Smart Card. This could be your logo, name, or any other design element that best represents your brand.  
  • Maximum Confidentiality:Enjoy top-tier privacy with this card. Your data is safeguarded and accessible only to those you choose to share it with. 
  • Tailored Configuration: Craft your cards to perfection—choose designs, variations, fonts, and even customize images with a selection of backgrounds. 
  • Rich in Premium Features: Opt for the premium version to access exclusive resources, allowing you to tailor the card to meet your unique needs. 
  • Universal Compatibility: Experience seamless integration across all smartphones and mobile devices with this custom card from Tappett.

  1. Blinq Digital Cards 

These cards offer a convenient way for professionals to share their business details, seamlessly streamlining the networking process. Additionally, users have the flexibility to personalize their cards to align with their professional brand. 

Packed with some features, Blinq allows sharing of information, empowering professionals to efficiently connect with others through the creation of modern digital business cards.

Best Features: 

  • Customization Options: There's a number of options for tailoring your experience. With pre-designed templates, you can easily upload background images and tweak them to your liking, adjusting font, color schemes, and more.

  • Insights through Analytics: Blinq cards come equipped with analytics, allowing users to monitor the dissemination of their cards. This feature provides insights into how your networking activities are being shared, enabling you to gauge your impact effectively.

  • Rich Media Integration: Users have the flexibility to seamlessly incorporate multimedia content into their digital business cards, including video introductions and audio recordings. This not only enhances the visual appeal but also gives your card a more impactful presence.

  1. Sollo Custom Business Cards 

Tailored business cards have the potential to impress both your customers and clients, elevating your networking possibilities. With just a single tap, users can effortlessly share information. 

What's more, there are no monthly fees involved, and users retain control over their shared information.

Best Features:

  • Simply Tap or Scan QR: Sharing contact info and social profiles is as easy as a tap or a QR scan.
  • Endless Sharing: Users can share their information limitlessly with clients, anytime, anywhere. 
  • No App Needed: This digital business card eliminates the need for any application to share information.


The top digital business cards offer a gateway to more intelligent connections with your clients. Among the selection, we recommend considering Tappett cards for their polished design and effortless custom integration. Tailor your choice between the standard and custom options to align with your branding needs and budget.

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