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The Do’s and Don’ts of Digital Business Cards

The Do’s and Don’ts of Digital Business Cards

It appears that digital business cards are very similar to physical business cards. However, there are a few differences to keep in mind. More significantly, there are several potential traps to avoid. Let’s look at how to make use of digital cards with some suggestions for what you should emphasize and avoid.

The Do’s of Digital Business Cards

Include a professional photograph

Is it a good idea to include a professional headshot on your business card? We’re confident you should. Adding a professional headshot to your digital business card boosts the effectiveness of the card by 400%. So, whether you like it or not, if you want your digital business card to do the work for you – you will need to have a professional photograph.

Use a headshot taken from the chest up. You should be dressed in business clothes, with your hair neat and a smile on your face. Make sure the photograph was taken within the last decade so it reflects your present appearance.

Try to use all of the features

Digital business cards provide so much more than paper business cards. Tappett’s business cards allow you to exchange contacts immediately so you don’t have to wait for the other person to follow up. The people you share your profile with can book a meeting with you whenever they want, see your favorite links, favorite music and can even pay you through your profile page. You can’t do any of these with regular business cards so try to use as many of them as possible to make an impactful impression.

Practice giving your digital business card to new contacts.

As is often stated, practice makes perfect; you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Before handing out your digital business card for the first time with a potential customer, business partner, etc., practice sharing it with friends and/or family. until you look and feel like an expert after practicing the card’s presentation.

Above all, be proud of your digital business card.

The term ‘digital’ does not necessarily imply ‘unprofessional.’ You should be proud of your digital business card, not just satisfied with it. The card should represent you as a professional and demonstrate your attention to detail. If the card was not designed entirely to highlight the strengths and intricacies of your brand, don’t use it!

The Don’ts of Digital Business Cards

Do not apologize for presenting a non-traditional business card

Your digital business card’s appearance, message, and design should make you proud. There is something unique about being distinct and offering your credentials and contact information in a highly distinctive way. So don’t undervalue any aspect of your digital business card.

You can’t go wrong by being irreverent. Consider yourself a trailblazer and thought leader who is not afraid to be creative. So, when someone asks if you have a business card with you, respond, “No. I have something better.” Then offer them your digital business card. This type of answer piques the other person’s

Do not use an improper photograph.

Your digital business card’s photograph should be professional in every respect. This implies you should avoid using a photo from your holiday in the Caribbean, a picture of yourself at an amusement park, or a class yearbook shot. You should look exactly as you do when conducting business at the office or meeting with clients in a professional scenario.

Do not forget to keep your information up to date.

Update your digital business card as soon as possible if you change jobs, workplace addresses, professional titles, phone numbers, or other key information. Make sure you remember that updating the details of your digital business card will change the data on cards handed out to recipients in the past. This is one of the clever features available with smart digital business card solutions.

Do not sneer at those who do not have a digital business card.

Do not insult or make a joke about someone who gives you a traditional business card if you meet them. Some folks simply want to watch others transition before they do, while others are still attempting to finish their thousand-card packs from eight years ago. Your virtual credit card will be distinctive and memorable, which may lead them to take the digital route.

Do not be afraid if you run out of cards.

Your endless source of digital business cards is always with you wherever you go, even if you run out of your paper business cards.

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