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Refine and boost your networking efforts with the best smart business cards in Calgary at Tappett

Now share and exchange contact information in the quickest and the most impressive way with Tappett-the best smart business cards in Calgary


Tappett smart business cards are a revolutionary tool to create the first impression needed for networking that converts. It enables you to impress everyone you meet by sharing contact details, social media accounts, as well as various multimedia formats, including videos, images and even PDFs. 


Our smart business cards take advantage of our advanced NFC (Near Field Communication) technology that is built-in in all of our products. This allows instant profile sharing by simply tapping your Tappett card on any NFC-enabled device. Our Smart networking tools are available in a multitude of shapes, sizes and designs, which makes them the ideal choice for anyone who is looking for Smart business cards in Calgary


Networking 2.0: Our exclusive line of products 

Dive into our exclusive collection of groundbreaking technology from business networking to effortless data sharing. Explore our NFC-enabled products and step into the endless possibilities these offer.

Smart Business Cards 

Our NFC business cards are elegantly designed and are best suited for self-employed professionals, artists, influencers, and more. 


Available Card Designs: Classic, Marble, Ocean, Gold. 

Added Value: 14-day satisfaction guarantee

Price: $34.97 CAD 


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Custom Business Cards 

Customize your Smart NFC business card as per your brand identity. Add your name, title, logo, and other relevant contact information to best showcase your brand identity. 


Available Designs: Classic, Holographic

Added Value: 14-day satisfaction guarantee

Price: $84.97 CAD 


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Tappett Review Smart Card

Entrepreneurs and business owners can leverage this card to encourage authentic Google reviews and improve their online reputation. Order one or in bulk. 


Added Value: Use Code FIRST_TIME for 10% OFF at checkout, 14-day satisfaction guarantee

Price:  $29.97 CAD


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Sharing made quick and compelling 

With Tappett smart business cards Calgary: Tap, scan, or even share your link to make each interaction memorable. Quickly share contact info, websites, social links, and more.


  • One Tap Sharing - Instantly connect with just a tap and share your contact info seamlessly without others needing an app.
  • QR Code Scan - If the person you are trying to connect with has an older phone, use the dynamic QR code on the back of your card to share your details in a blink. Scan and share as many times with
  • Link to Connect - One link, endless possibilities. Turn your followers into customers. Use your profile link from your bio and connect.


Create Your Identity Your Way 

Craft and personalize your digital profile on Tappett smart business cards Calgary to reflect your unique brand. Quickly add your company details, photos, videos, links and update anytime. 


  • Choose Your Design - Personalize your card by choosing the color themes, pattern, and more as per your preferences. 
  • Add Dynamic Info - include your logo, brand name, title, contact details, social media links, websites, images, videos, PDFs and more and share as much info you want. 
  • One Card, Unlimited information - Add as many links and as much information as you desire to your profile. Add additional links, favorite music channels, your PayPal receiving information, office address, and much more.

Experience Sustainable Networking 

At Tappett, we blend seamless networking with eco-consciousness. Our Tappett Cards are 100% eco-friendly, and are adaptable to grow alongside your professional journey.


  • Paperless - No trees are cut to create our Tappett cards; 100% environmentally friendly. 


  • Minimal Waste - Further, it’s built out of durable material which ensures your card stays with you for years, reducing waste.


Go Tappett and let's shape a green future together!



How Does It Work? 

  1. Choose Your Tappett

Select from our collection of smart digital products and customize it to fit your lifestyle, brand and needs.

  1. Set Up Your Profile 

Activate your Tappett card and profile by following the instructions on your package and adding your contact details, social media, websites, email, and etc. 

  1. Tap It!

Tap your Tappett on any compatible phone, or scan the QR code on your card or your profile to instantly share your contact info, socials and much more to make lasting impressions. 


As Tried and Loved By…..

Thousands of businesses and professionals are already tapping it with a BIG smile….


Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What is the Tappett Smart Business Card?

The Tappett Business Card is the next generation of Smart Business Cards, embedded with our NFC chip that enables you to directly share and save your contact details with others by just tapping your Tappett on their smartphones. 

  1. How Does Tappett Work?

When you place your order for Tappett custom smart business card, you will receive an email with instructions to customize your Tappett the way you like. After receiving your product, you activate it, and you can start tapping. Tappett uses NFC and dynamic QR code technology to allow you to share your info with an unlimited number of people. 

  1. Which devices can I use Tappett on?

Tappett can be used on any NFC-equipped Android smartphone as well as iPhones. 

  1. Should my clients install any app to access my Tappett card and information?

No app is needed! That’s what makes our Tappett smart card unique from other smart business cards in Calgary and other regions. 

  1. Are Tappett products secure?

Absolutely! You have full control over the information you are sharing. Share only what you want, ensuring privacy."We never ask for passwords. Only your username is required to share your social media accounts with others. Additionally, our products are designed to work only within less than an inch of the other phone to prevent accidental sharing. 


Network Smart, Connect Forever 

Do you want to differentiate yourself from the competition? Are you looking to increase your sales and revenue? Are you tired of constantly paying for paper cards that end up lost or thrown out? We think it's time you up your networking game by switching to our Tappett smart business cards and making a lasting connection. Get yours today!