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Why Tappett is the #1 Networking Tool for Sales Professionals

Why Tappett is the #1 Networking Tool for Sales Professionals

Sales professionals understand that numbers count at the end of the day. Therefore, any tool that allows you to boost your sales figures is worth paying attention to, no matter how much.

Tappett is a tool that helps salespeople boost their networking efforts and, as a result, improve their revenue. For the following reasons, salespeople should consider switching from their outdated traditional paper business cards to a Tappett smart business card:

Giving paper business cards to prospects is a time-consuming procedure. Also, even though your design may be cutting-edge, it may contain all of the information required to contact you. But what happens after you hand someone your business card?

  • Most often, business cards are thrown out (88% of business cards are thrown out in the first week)
  • Many lose business cards (we’ve all been there)
  • Many keep the card somewhere and forget about it forever
  • Many can’t differentiate between all the business cards they received. Even if they manage to keep/find the card after some time, it is often hard to remember to who the card belongs.

The harsh reality is that paper assets are no longer acceptable in 2021. People aren’t carrying business cardholders around anymore. Some people aren’t even using conventional wallets.

However, they’re sure to be carrying their phones with them everywhere they go, guaranteed.

Tappett allows you to automatically create a contact entry in a prospect’s phone by simply tapping your card against the prospect’s phone. And instantly, your information is saved on their phone forever.

Unlike paper business cards that you have to reprint every time your information changes, you can simply log in to your profile dashboard to update or change it and make sure your information is up-to-date and accurate.

Tappett Digital Business Card is paired for free with our smart business cards, smart tags, and smartphone holders. So let’s see how Tappett can help sales professionals boost their business to new levels.

In-person lead generation with Tappett Networking Tool is way more successful.

The major disadvantage of one-way information interactions is that you rely on the prospect to contact you. For success in sales, this isn’t a winning approach. To ensure that you finish the transaction, you must be proactive in your follow-up. If you’re not, the prospect may lose interest—or another salesperson may take their place.

Even if the prospect doesn’t have their business card, Tappett can help you establish two-way information exchanges quickly and without delay. Our Lead Generation mode and touch it against a prospect’s phone. Here’s what happens when you do that:

  1. First, make sure you have activated our pro membership account.
  2. Next, tap your Smart business card against the back of any smartphone.
  3. Once your profile is loaded, have them click on the “Exchange Contact” button.
  4. Your contact info will instantly get downloaded to the prospect’s phone.
  5. Once the contact is downloaded, a form will pop up on the prospect’s phone and will allow them to fill out their contact info.
  6. Prospects’ contact information will be emailed to you. You can click on the attachment to automatically create a contact field entry in your phone with all of their information.

The prospect receives your information as well as you receive theirs, making follow-up simple and straightforward. As a result, follow-up is easy and efficient, and since the candidate has your name and picture on their phone, the probability of them replying to your follow-up efforts improves significantly.

As you can see, Tappett is several notches above conventional paper business cards. Tappett is considerably more efficient in one-way information exchanges since you may simply give out your information compared to traditional business cards. Tappett smart networking tool also lets you establish two-way communication links that conventional paper business cards can’t manage.

Customized Profile for Teams

Although our Smart Business Cards have the functionality to serve various sectors of the community, we understand that you might need a unique feature specific to your niche at times. Thanks to our team of developers, we can accommodate special requests or customizations for groups to enhance their Tappett experience to the next level.

You can now see that the possibilities with Tappett are nearly endless for professionals. We have not yet discussed how Tappett helps you socialize easier and can help you make genuine, long-lasting friendships and connections by connecting you with others through various social platforms. We will review this other aspect of the smart business cards later. As you can see, you can unlock all these opportunities with one smart business card, something a traditional card would never offer.

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