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DIGITAL BUSINESS CARD Tailoring Digital Business Cards to Your Brand Needs

DIGITAL BUSINESS CARD Tailoring Digital Business Cards to Your Brand Needs

Customization and Personalization 

Bored of traditional paper-based business cards? Want to switch to the latest networking tools? You must check out the Tappett smart digital business card. It has integrated its card with advanced technological integration to meet today’s business professional’s needs. Tappett has always looked forward to revolutionizing professional networking in business. 

In today’s digital age, when everything is turning smart, your business cards should not lack behind. This is why the company has introduced its highly compatible and customizable business cards. The cards have become a top preference for today’s professionals to enjoy seamless networking. Dive into the below sections to check out how the Tappett is the ultimate choice to personalize and custom-fit. 

Customize Your Business Card In Your Own Style 

Everyone prefers to customize and add personal highlighting elements to their business card. Of course, the card must suit and reflect your personality and style. Hence, Tappett has brought great customizing ways to make the cards creative and personalized at the same time. This will definitely let you stand out among your competitors. 

When you connect with your new customers or clients, the card establishes a great impression. Moreover, it is a seamless way to stay in contact and promote your brand. 

Tappett cards can be customized in a great way to highlight your personal and business information. Starting from the design to brand information, you can customize everything.

  • Select your Preferred Smart Card Design

In the design part, you will get four design options – Gold, Hologram, Marble, and Ocean. Each design has a unique and defined look. All of the design supports customization. After choosing your preferred design type, you can proceed with further customization.

  • Seamless and Easy Customization

After you have selected your card design, you will get full flexibility to add text and customize the text accordingly. You can add your name, company name and, at times, even your company logo. Moreover, you can choose your preferred text color choice for the card. In the customizing section, you will find product variations and text designs. You can choose the text style, font, color, etc. The site is easy to navigate with a simple, user-friendly interface. Therefore, you can customize your card hassle-free.

  • Compatible with Mobile Phones for Customization

Tappett business cards are the smartest option you will ever have. It is compatible with almost any mobile phone, where you can instantly share any information. With a simple tap, your info will be shared with the other person. Remember that the receiver does not need to install any app to get your information. 

The best thing about smart cards is that they are compatible with almost every Android phone and all iPhones made in the last seven years (including all models X, XR, 11, 12, 13, 14, and all future models). You can share an unlimited amount of information other than just contact information, such as Websites, Social Media Profiles, Music & Video Platforms, Calendar Availability, and much more. 

  • Customize and Update your Details Anytime 

You can customize your details anytime on your card. Details can be shared within two seconds, and you do not require any application. Moreover, you can update your brand information whenever you need it. It also does not need any monthly subscription. Customization is completely free for a lifetime until you own the card. This means your contact information and your smart business card are always up to date and is the best reflection of you and your brand anytime you tap it.

Tappett Business Cards – A New Norm for Networking

Tappett’s business card is not only limited to customization. It is an effective and dynamic way of networking. Moreover, the card is one of the safest options for sharing or exchanging vital information with preferred individuals. 

Personal and business information should be in safe hands. This is why the cards are made with high-security integration. Whatever information is on your card, whether it is address, phone number, photo, business page links, etc, everything is protected to the highest standard. 

Also, Tappett cards do not require passwords to link your social media profiles or business pages. You will get the power to select specific information or details which you want to share on your smart card. Eventually, you can also choose everything to share. As discussed above, you can edit your profile whenever you want and include the latest updates to your card. 

Owning a Tappett smart business card, you can share contact information conveniently shared in multiple ways. It can be shared via tapping the NFC card, via the QR code on your smart card, or by using the QR code included on your digital profile, via email signature, etc. Moreover, the QR Code associated with your digital profile can also be embedded and printed on paper.

As mentioned, digital business cards are powered by dynamic QR Codes. Hence, it safely stores all your personal and brand information in a programmed online format. With the NFC and QR code capabilities, business professionals do not have to rely on others to save their information. With just one tap or scan, the information will be exchanged immediately.  

Get Your Tappett Digital Business Card to Enjoy Personalized Networking

Tappett digital business cards will be your one-stop solution for your networking needs. Now, you can stop worrying about sharing and exchanging information. These smart networking tools redefine the way you network and engage with others. By streamlining the process and offering extensive customization options, these cards empower you to make a lasting impression and effortlessly connect with potential clients, partners, and contacts. With Tappett, networking becomes a seamless part of your day-to-day business activities, allowing you to focus on building relationships and driving success. So why settle for traditional business cards when you can embrace the future of networking with Tappett digital business cards? 

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